Here's Bosch


Bosch's paintings are famous because are full of details, creatures and objects that refer to obscure and mysterious stories.

So, what happens if we remove all these details from the paintings?
are you able to spot all the hidden details?

Here's Bosch! The icon.


The game shows differen Bosch's masterpieces from which all details have been removed. For each painting the player must interact with the tablet to spot all the missing elements.

It is not just about tap and pinch! The player must find the right way to interact with the table to spot all the missing details: shake, blow, jump and more...

Players can choose their own style of play: the pundit one can list all the missing details and find a way to spot them, the smart one can just start to tinker with his tablet and see what happen on the the painting.

Here's Bosch! iPad screen

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